Couple / Family Counseling

“Even when one or both parties feel like the relationship is hopeless, and communication and trust are things of the past, and the emotional connection feels lost, I will be the last one in the room to give up on the hard work.”

Couple-CounselingMy specialty is working with couples to facilitate either a re-connection, or help them to redefine the new separated relationship as it goes forward.

My services include:

• Individual, couple, and family counseling

• Communication skills

• Conflict resolution

• Healing during and after traumatic family events

• Assistance in understanding why we behave the way we do and to understand the unique role and responsibilities each party plays in family happiness and dysfunction

• Work through divergent parenting styles

• Assist families in reestablishing healthy hierarchy: Parents are parents, kids are kids

• Assist in recognizing and putting language to the repetitive cycles couples find themselves in and how to break that cycle of hopelessness

• Forgiveness