Compassionate, goal-oriented counseling for couples and families

As a licensed and experienced marriage and family therapist, my passion is relationship counseling within the family structure. This could include couple counseling with or without children or parent child counseling. My ultimate goal for couples is emotional and intellectual reconnection. I want couples to listen to each other even if they disagree. My hope is that they will do so with respect and kindness.

If the same problems happen over and over again, get out of the cycle. Through honest and trusting communication, I can help you find a new perspective to understand each other’s wants and needs. Listen to each other; don’t talk “at” each other! As for your relationship with a marriage and family therapist, each person has to feel a sense of trust that their voices will be heard without judgment or gender bias in a forward looking, goal oriented, and safe environment.

Therapists are not magicians or mechanics. The ultimate responsibility for change rests with the hard work the couple is committed to pursue.

My office is located in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

All consultations are private and confidential.

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